On my site you will find a selection of my work. I’m very productive and it is to much to show everything.

From time to time I’ll put new work on it.

Drawing and painting: No hobby or pastime for me but a necessity, my oxygen.

Elisabeth Vuez born March 13, 1960 in Pont de Poitte, French Jura.

At the high school in 1975 I already opted for the art direction training in Besançon at 150 km from home.

I was  internally and therefore I was busy with creative subjects every day next to the other subjects.

My studies of Fine Art I then attended the University, first in Strasbourg and then in Paris from the Netherlands to my Master’s level.

At the Free Academy in The Hague, I learned the graphic techniques.

Explanation of my work:

I have been busy with landscapes in recent years. Landscapes from my youth and landscapes that I encounter during my travels.

I went to Java and Bali in 2016. There I made a lot of sketches that I worked on at home. In 2017 I have been travelling through Vietnam en Cambodia en deed the same again.

In november 2018, I went to Japan for the first time and made  a lot of drawings there. In 2019 I went back and I will travel there again.

This is my way of processing what I’m coming across.

Purpose: To capture atmosphere, rhythm, and dynamics in the landscape.

No representation of reality but an examination of the boundaries of the abstract and the figurative.

The interaction of the spectator with the story is never finished.

Member of Art Circle:

  Ars Aemula Naturae in Leiden https://www.arsaemula.nl/

My Instagram:  @Elisabethvuez